How to reach the Hotel Internazionale

From the airport to Hotel Internazionale

Public Transportation- Airport- Bus

If you would like to get to Naples from the airport, enter the Alibus from the airport bus station. The bus stops at central station, at the Porta di Massa, and at the Beverello. To get to Ischia, you can use a speedboat or ferry. Ferries depart from Porta di Massa and speedboats depart from Beverello towards Porto. You can buy tickets directly from the bus driver. Travel time to the harbor is 30 to 35 minutes. The last bus leaves at 23:45.

By taxi to the harbor

KlA taxi to the harbor costs between 30 and 40€ and offers much more comfort than public bus. The journey takes around 20-35 minutes.

Transfer to the hotel- easy and convenient

You do not have to worry about tickets, luggage or transportation to the hotel. Klick on Headline or picture!

Ferry timetables: Naples to Ischia/ Ischia to Naples

Coming from Ischia-Porto to the hotel

If you have not booked a transfer, there are 2 ways to arrive at the hotel:

  • You can take one of the numerous taxis directly at the harbor, or

Take the 6 bus from the bus station. You can find the bus station located just a few meters away from the harbor

Day Trips

Thanks to direct sea connections, day trips to the island of Procida can be arranged during your stay after a trip to Naples or Pozzouli.


The islands of Ponza and Ventotene are also very interesting and beautiful.

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