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The island’s most important spa complex are certainly the Poseidon Gardens and have as a background a magical strip of sand where the water, which they attributed fertilizing powers, was placed by the Romans under the protection of Venus Citarea, hence the name Citara, deities which it was found a statue of white marble, gone then destroyed.

Myth and legend mingle between the white sands and clear waters and give excuses of some morphological characteristics of this part of the sea and coast, as the rocks that can be seen: it is said that from here has passed the ship of the Phoenicians with Ulysses and that on his return was transformed into a rock as punishment. It is said, even, that two men tried to escape from the ship, but they too were turned into rocks.

The beach is one of the most popular haunts in summer seaside tourism.

How to get to the beach:

Citara Beach is located in the municipality of Forio, near the largest thermal park on the island: The Poseidon Gardens. It ‘easy to reach by bus or by car.

The bus stop lines 1 – CD – CS is the beach about 1 km (15 minute walk), and the stop of the lines 2 – 21 – 22 – 23 – 24 stops virtually on the road adjacent to the beach.

For those who prefer to move around by car, in the vicinity there are many guarded parking lots.

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