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South of the Castle of Ischia, near the rocks of Sant’Anna, is the Roman Charter beach: by road to get there following a path length of about 700 meters, after traveling earlier about 300 meters from the town of San Michele; by sea to get there by taxi boat Ischia Boats (from Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte).

The area is popular with divers, since it is located in the archaeological area of ??the island marina and is also interesting because of the strong presence of oceanic Posidonia.

There are two establishments equipped. The very narrow stretch of sand due to erosion, the very little free beach stretch.
It ‘a small beach suitable for children because the sea depth increases gradually. The sand is very fine. Numerous underwater fumarole sources produce interesting ascents of volcanic gas bubbles (harmless) from the bottom. Recommended a nice swim with mask and flippers. Crowded in August a bit less in July. Sunny from early morning until about 16 hours, exposed to the south wind, the north-east, to the east.

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