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Casamicciola Terme has an area of ??5. 6 square kilometers with a population of about 7000 inhabitants. Its altitude ranges from 0 meters above sea level to 788m near dell’Epomeo. The territory is divided between the villages of Perrone, Castiglione, Piazza Bagni, La Rita, the Sentinel and Maio Square.

Casamicciola town added in 1956 to the original name of the qualification of Terme to the presence on its territory of many springs. They especially found in ‘Castiglione’, ‘La Rita’ and Piazza Bagni where there are the most hotels and spas. Some of the most known sources are: Gurgitello, Tamburro, Gold, Silver, Iron, Eye, casting. Casamicciola is in first place among the other municipalities of the island for spa treatments. In the last century it has been frequented by an international clientele, namely Lamartine, Renan, Ibsen and also Garibaldi.

A few historical monuments due to continuous earthquakes (the last in 1883): the Pio Monte della Misericordia, first plant for cures, of Good Counsel Church, Church of St. Gabriel, a chapel dedicated to St. Francis’ Assisi parish church dedicated to the Sacred Heart and St. Mary Magdalene Penitent, Church, the Geophysical Observatory founded by Giulio Grablovitz. Outings to the surrounding hills to the bottom d’Oglio and Cretaio (Bosco della Maddalena) or the slopes of Mount Epomeo.

Piazza Marina
Castiglione Thermal Gardens