The Pineta Mirtina forest

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Here dominate the ancient and majestic pines, the undergrowth consists of Arbutus, heathers, Euphorbia, Ilex, phillyrea, brooms, myrtles.

Then widespread are the asparagus and mushrooms. The greatest spectacle that offers the Pineta, in view of the spring, is a carpet of cyclamens, along all the paths.

A reminder of the volcanic nature of the place is the widespread water vapor that infuses the air: are the fumaroles and flaps of thermal waters.

This so special microclimate has allowed the presence of special plant forms found only on the island and in a tropical climate zones such as the famous “Papyrus of fumaroles” (Cyperus Polystachius).

Pineta in the lower part you can observe certain water sources including the source Mirtina whose water was even bottled and sold, and a large area with a stage devoted to summer events and concerts.

The Pineta Mirtina is a beautiful park located on the island of Ischia.

The name of this pine forest is given from nearby Mirtina source, so called because it is surrounded by fragrant myrtle.

The Pineta has three entrances: the main Via Antonio Sogliuzzo, while the secondary ones in Via Mirabella and Via Francesco Sogliuzzo.

Walking in this lovely pine forest you can admire beautiful fountains and pools formed by lava rock, where the water is collected from the underlying source.

Of great importance is the Arena Mirtina: located in the center of the Pine Forest is the setting of several cultural and entertainment events including the famous Ischia Jazz Festival.