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From the highway just follow the signs to the port area without having to go out on Via Marina, as is until a few years ago. The Port Authority, shortly before entering the boarding area, sorts of Calata Porta di Massa only direct vehicles at a time of Ischia and the other islands of the Gulf.

Coming out of Via Marina motorway or the bypass, Calata Porta di Massa (or Varco Pisacane) is located on the opposite lane in each direction. We must therefore reach the intersection before via Alcide De Gasperi, turn left and take the road to the ferry terminal (entrance on the right side of the roadway). If the intersection is not passable, we must get to the other crossing in front of the Bourbon Tunnel Piazza del Plebiscito, turn left and go back on Via Acton.

– By public transport from Piazza Garibaldi Railway Station
– The Alibus, the shuttle buses dell’ATN that starts from Capodichino Airport and reaches Porta di Massa and Beverello with only their intermediate stop at station F. S. Piazza Garibaldi. The ticket costs € 3, 00 and can be purchased:
– on board;
– The ticket office at the station F. S. ;
– The ticket ATN near the parking of the bus line, a hundred meters outside the station.

The R2 which starts from the parking of dell’ATN bus and runs entirely Corso Umberto I (or Rettifilo). You have to get off at the last stop of the course, cross and head straight for the Beverello (hydrofoils boarding).

Tram 1, which stops in front of the statue of Garibaldi, which dominates the square. Cross Corso Garibaldi and walk along Via Marina. He stops at Calata Porta di Massa correspondence (for ferries) and the Beverello (for hydrofoils).

The taxi. Outside the station there is the corridor which governs the line for customers who wish to make use of public transport. Alternatively, you can ask the taxi meter starts running the municipal fixed predetermined rate for trafficking Station – Port of Naples. The driver can not oppose refusal and is held in the immediate receipt. The predetermined fixed fares must be displayed inside the vehicle, shall apply to the total number of passengers on board and include any extra charge (to / from airport, night or weekend, baggage, animals, tangential and radio call).

By public transport from Capodichino Airport

The Alibus is the most convenient way to reach Ischia from Naples Capodichino Airport. Tickets can be purchased on board and at the airport. It has an average periodicity of about 20 minutes and it takes about 40 to cover the route. The stop of Via Marina for the ferries is carried out only in the direction of Piazza Municipio (Beverello) for hydrofoils and not vice versa. If you do not book in time and stop in Via Marina you can reach the ferry terminal from within the Beverello using the shuttle interportuale free.

Alternatively there is a taxi with a meter or municipal predetermined rate.
Reach the port of Pozzuoli