Thermal outdoor swimming pool

Thermal pool
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The Hotel Internazionale Ischia has an outdoor pool with thermal water; the temperature at the source is about 70°C and is rich in minerals: sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, lithium, chloride, sulfate, bicarbonate and silica.

Water is classified as hyperthermal, meaning it is rich in minerals and is particularly suitable for rheumatic pains.

The hyperthermal water is delivered at high temperature 2 times a day from the mouth of a crocodile in local stone placed at the edge of the pool. Daily venogono made cleaning controls and water purity for the safety of bathers.

The pool is surrounded by a beautiful garden.
It has three levels of contradistinti depth from a small oasis with cikas the center and two massage stations.

It is the contour of a roccaglia local stones with Mediterranean vegetation and a spectacular view of Mount Tripodi.

In addition, you will always find fresh towels, comfortable chairs and loungers with parasols for relaxing poolside. Guests can relax and, of course, we will offer snacks and drinks from our bar.

To integrate the healing effects of the thermal treatments with relaxing, invigorating massage, slimming, shiatsu, lymphatic drainage and anti-aging facial, you can book at the reception for a specialist who will advise the most suitable treatment.